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Colloidal Iron

Some clinics are prescribing colloidal Iron for iron deficiency anaemia

Iron supplements: When and how to take them: Iron supplements: When and how to take them
Taking iron supplements can help prevent iron deficiency. They are available in many different forms and may cause side effects in some people.

The dosage of iron that someone needs can vary depending on their age, sex, and whether or not they are pregnant or lactating. According to the NIH, the recommended daily amount of iron, in milligrams (mg), is as follows:

AgeMaleFemaleDuring pregnancyDuring lactation
0–6 months0.27 mg*0.27 mg*
7–12 months11 mg11 mg
1–3 years7 mg7 mg
4–8 years10 mg10 mg
9–13 years8 mg8 mg
14–18 years11 mg15 mg27 mg10 mg
19–50 years8 mg18 mg27 mg9 mg
51+ years8 mg8 mg

*Adequate Intake