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Colloidal Platinum

COLLOIDAL PLATINUM is an all natural mineral supplement consisting of nanometre particles of 99.99 % pure platinum suspended in pure deionized water. Colloidal Platinum does not interact with or interfere with other supplements, vitamins or medications. Colloidal Platinum specializes in tissue regeneration for those who engage in rigorous workouts that often take the body to its limits. Colloidal platinum also promotes increased libido in both males & females. Colloidal Platinum is reported to promote healthy tissue regeneration. It is believed to increase the electrical transmission across the synapses within the brain to promote general tissue regeneration of the neurological tissues.

  • All natural mineral supplement in the form of colloidal platinum.
  • A true colloid, not ionic platinum.
  • Concentration: 10 ppm (minimum) of platinum nano particles.
  • Contains no platinum ions, only nanoparticles and Zeta Potential.
  • Tasteless – tastes like water.


  • Promotes increased mental focus and concentration.
  • Promotes enhanced mental acuity.
  • Supports healthy tissue regeneration of the heart tissue, thymus and the entire endocrine system.
  • Promotes increased creativity.
  • Promotes lucid dreaming.
  • Promotes improved memory.
  • Supports DNA repair
  • Promotes increased libido in both males and females.